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Real Name Tom Lovelady
Usernames/Aliases [DL]Mousey
YouTube Channels Deadly Llama
Gender Male
Nationality British
Partners Sean Silvester ([DL]Sean), Poppy Anne Holford ([DL]PoppyHatesTea)
Member Since 5th October 2013 - Present
Occupation Founder of Deadly Llama, Content Creator at Deadly Llama
Catchphrase "Ow my everything!"

Tom Lovelady, born 25th July 1992, is the founder of Deadly Llama. His in game name is [DL]Mousey (DL]Mousey - Not @ LAN when he's not attending LAN and [DL]Mousey - @ LAN when he is attending LAN). Tom's favourite game is Borderlands 2. The team routinely describe him as "Their Favourite Alcoholic".

Hobbies & Interests

Web Development

As well as spending what most would call unhealthy amounts of time filming, editing and uploading videos, Tom spends a good degree of his time learning his way around web technologies. His interest in PHP Peaked whilst working at a company called TABlites, where he first began building a Customer Relations System to improve complaints handling amongst the staff. From there his skills grew and he currently works on the Llama Management System as a side project for Deadly Llama.

Electronic Cigarettes Edit

Another passion of Tom's is electronic cigarettes. In some of their blooper and outtakes reels Tom can be heard trying to convince Ash (somewhat aggressively) to give up smoking and switch to an eCig full time. After losing his job selling electronic cigarettes due to slow sales, Tom took to building his own coils and mixing his own liquids to save money and carry on Vaping for cheap.


In the background of some Deadly Llama videos, a blue guitar can be seen resting against Tom's bed. Fans have identified this guitar as an Ibanez in electric purple, theories quickly arose of Tom starting a failed music channel before he started Deadly Llama.

Health Problems

Tom is known to have a relatively acute form of Asthma, which is the reason he gave up smoking in August 2013. A conversation between him and Sean on a Facebook status commemorating a year smoke free reveals that he was "Scared out of smoking" after being rushed into hospital early one morning unable to breathe. The team have all been very supportive of Tom's journey to stop smoking, and the topic is mentioned frequently in behind the scenes discussions.

Trivia Edit

  • Tom's favourite colour is blue
  • Tom is left handed and sometimes ambidextrous depending on the task
  • During a Media Production course at college; Tom was in a class where nearly 80% of the students were Left handed
  • Tom drives a white Toyota Aygo
  • Tom recently switched from Android to iOS claiming he was "Fed up with Android's insta-f**king-bility"
  • Tom's keyboard; A Razer Blackwidow 2012 edition was a gift from Sean
  • The Deadly Llama logo & video titles were designed and animated by Tom
  • Tom is an AMD fanboy and tells Sean and Ash on a daily basis they're idiots for having Intel / nVidia
  • Tom won his Insomnia 52 ticket in the MSI Intermediate bots speed run competition with a record of 5:25, he won this with Sean and 3 others