Real Name Poppy Anne Holford
Usernames/Aliases [DL]PoppyHatesTea, The Marshmallow Hat, Plumbob
YouTube Channels Deadly Llama, The Marshmallow Hat
Gender Female
Nationality British
Partners Tom Lovelady ([DL]Mousey), Sean Silvester ([DL]Sean)
Member Since 15th August 2014 - Present
Occupation YouTube Content Creator at Deadly Llama, Official Artist at Deadly Llama, Founder of The Marshmallow Hat
Catchphrase "Oh Crap!"

Poppy Holford, born May 5th 1997, is a Content Creator and the Official Artist for Deadly Llama. Her in game name is [DL]PoppyHatesTea. Her nickname is "Plumbob" by her friends due to her love of the game The Sims 3 and how much she plays and goes on about it. Poppy's favourite game is The Sims 3.

Being the newest (and youngest) member of the Deadly Llama team, she's often ribbed for being the "Baby" of the team. Her first appearance on a channel video was during the PayDay 2 series co-starring with Sean and Tom which she also designed the video thumbnail for.

Sims 3 Edit

The Sims 3 is by far the game that Poppy plays the most. Being an absolute obsessive spending over 2,000 hours in total across the different expansion packs (of which she owns all of them). As well as the sheer amount of hours played Poppy also has nearly 200 mods and pieces of custom content installed onto her copy of the game. She has also pre-ordered The Sims 4 and is excited to cover it's launch for Deadly Llama.

Poppy also routinely wears a Plumbob headband (pictured right) when in public.

Trivia Edit

  • If Poppy had to take one food into a nuclear bunker to survive a bombing; it would be popcorn.
  • She despises tea and coffee despite being British
  • Won an MSI Dragon Head keyring before joining Deadly Llama
  • Her favourite drink is chocolate milkshake
  • Her favourite colour is red
  • She's right handed
  • Poppy has many piercings including lots on her ears and a nose ring, which freaks Sean and Tom out.
  • She has her own YouTube channel called The Marshmallow Hat where she shows how to build houses in The Sims 3 and Payday 2 gameplay
  • Even though her YouTube name is 'The Marshmallow Hat' she doesn't like marshmallows that much
  • She has completed every Pokémon game that has come out so far
  • Poppy goes to Comic Cons throughout the UK, cosplaying as different game characters
  • She has dyed her hair every crazy colour except yellow
  • She's currently the only girl in Deadly Llama