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Deadly Llama is a YouTube channel that was started by Tom and includes video game videos by Sean, Ash and Poppy.


On the 5th October 2013 the Deadly Llama channel was created by Tom Lovelady and Co-Founded by Sean Silvester and Ash Worden very shortly afterwards. Poppy Anne Holford joined on the 15th August 2014 after accepting her invitation to join from Tom Lovelady and Sean Silvester, the managers of the channel. Video content includes:

  • Tom Completes Bioshock Infinite - Game: Bioshock Infinite, Cast: Tom
  • 100 Baby Challenge - Game: The Sims 3 Cast: Poppy
  • RUN!!! - Game: Minecraft Cast: Tom, Poppy and Sean
  • Tom Fails - Game: Payday 2 Cast: Tom, Poppy and Sean

Deadly Llama (often abbreviated DL) is a gaming oriented Youtube channel founded by Tom Lovelady on October 5th 2013, Featuring 5 crew members and (at the time of writing) nearly 150 videos, Deadly Llama has been going from strength to strength. Their primary goal is to make gaming culture a more accepted and less "underground" thing amongst the main stream media. An additional goal is to have eSports such a League of Legends and DoTA2 tournaments televised throughout the United Kingdom, backed by a firm belief that traditional sports such as Football and Rugby, and eSports have more in common than most people believe.

Founding Moment Edit

The idea for Deadly Llama was conceived during Multiplay's Insomnia 49 festival in Telford, UK during August 2013. When asked during a recent video interview; Tom gave the following quote;

I still remember walking into Hall 3 of Telford International Centre at about 9.30pm at night, I'd just got off the motorway after working all day. I was tired, hungry, feeling under the weather and needed a damned good sit down but as soon as i walked into that hall the atmosphere blew me away. I'd never been to anything like it in my entire life, The people i was sat around didn't even need asking when i brought my computer in, I went back to my car to get my monitor and keyboard - when i came back; Power and Ethernet were already hooked up to my computer for me. An atmosphere and a community like that was something i knew i had to share with the world, So Deadly Llama was born.

DL Trivia Edit

  • The original name for the channel was going to be "Deadly Walrus" due to Tom watching mythbusters during an original discussion about the name.
  • An idea was floated at one point to place the channel under an umbrella company known as the "Descriptive Zoo" that would feature side channels such as the "Horny Platypus", "Retarded Dolphin" and the "Slightly Pissed Off Tabby Cat". Needless to say; this idea never went ahead.

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